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Reproducibilitea session

29 novembre 2022 / 17:30

Venue: salle nord (CGFB) & Zoom! 

In this session, Claudia Fornari and Eloïse Daniel will talk to us about integrating Registered Reports into the grant funding process. They will be presenting the paper “Improving the Efficiency of Grant and Journal Peer Review: Registered Reports Funding” by Munafò

Claudia is a Ph.D. student on Beyeler’s team. She is working on the role of the insular cortex in the protective effect of progesterone in cocaine relapse.

Eloïse is a Ph.D. student on Montcouquiol/Sans’ Team. She works on the development and characterization of new experimental models to study the role of planar polarity signaling in memorization processes

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29 novembre 2022
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