NEURONAL CELL BIOLOGY public seminars, open to everyone

CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme

The seminars are open to everyone and there is no need to book in advance.
 : Functional Genomic Centre (CGFB) – University of Bordeaux

Tuesday 12th of July
9h00-10h30 Matthijs Verhage
11h00-12h30 Volker Haucke

Wednesday 13th of July
9h00-10h30 Jeroen Pasterkamp
11h00-11h45 Julien Falk
11h45-12h30 Lukas Kapitein

Friday 15th of July
9h00-10h30 Christian Lohmann
11h00-11h45 David Perrais
11h45-12h30 Martin Heine

Saturday 16th of July
9h00-10h30 Eva Mandelkow
11h00-11h45 Laura Sayas
11h45-12h30 Alexandre Favereaux

Monday 18th of July
9h00-10h30 Jan Pielage
11h00-11h45 Pirta Hotulainen
11h45-12h30 Martin Harterink

Tuesday 19th of July
9h00-10h30 Villu Maricq
11h00-12h30 Vann Bennett

Friday 22nd of July
9h00-10h30 Pico Caroni
11h00-11h45 Vincent Studer
11h45-12h30 Mireille Montcouquiol

Saturday 23rd of July
9h00-10h30 Carlos Dotti
11h00-11h45 Adna Dumitrescu
11h45-12h30 Gregory Giannone

Monday 25th of July
9h00-10h30 Valerie Castellani
11h00-11h45 Fernando Mar
11h45-12h30 Christophe Leterrier

Tuesday 26th of July
9h00-10h30 James Fawcett
11h00-11h45 Natalia Sanchez-Soriano
11h45-12h30 Etienne Herzog

Thursday 28th of July
9h00-10h30 Olivier Thoumine
11h00-11h45 Harold MacGillavry
11h45-12h30 Andreas Prokop

Friday 29th of July
9h00-10h30 Monica Di Luca
11h00-11h45 Corette Wierenga
11h45-12h30 Sebastian Dupraz

Last update: 11 July 2016