PhD: Lauriane Beliez

Mécanismes spinaux et supraspinaux impliqués dans le couplage entre les réseaux locomoteurs et posturaux

Defended on December 5, 2014

Locomotor and postural functions are controlled by a set of neural networks that must interact to produce optimal locomotor behavior, adaptable to internal and external constraints of the body. Maintaining a dynamic balance during locomotion is based on internal coordination processes between spinal and supraspinal neuronal networks controlling different parts of the body (limbs, head and trunk). In this context, we have interested in the interactions between locomotor and postural functions, in spinal and supraspinal networks. The experiments were conducted on isolated brainstem-spinal cord preparations from neonatal rats, in which the spinal locomotor CPGs and the vestibular nuclei are intact. Electrophysiological, pharmacological, and neuroanatomical approaches allowed us to highlight some of the mechanisms involved in the coupling of the different neural networks. In this study we showed that the lumbar locomotor networks control the activity of axial thoracic networks, in order to produce a coordinated activation of motors networks of limbs and trunk. This coordination is modulated by amines and information from the vestibular nuclei. These data provide new evidence for spinal mechanisms involved in the coordination of motor and postural networks.

Keywords: brainstem- spinal cord, neuronal networks, locomotion, posture


– Lauriane Beliez; Grégory Barrière Sandrine S. Bertrand and Jean-René Cazalets (2014) Multiple monoaminergic modulation of posturo-locomotor network activity in the newborn rat spinal cord. Frontiers in Neural circuits.
– Lauriane Beliez; Grégory Barrière Sandrine S. Bertrand and Jean-René Cazalets (2014) Coupling of lumbar and thoracic networks during locomotor-like activity in neonatal rat (soumis)


  • JM Cabelguen
    PU Univ Bordeaux, Chairman
  • M Beraneck
    CR Univ Paris, Reviewer
  • N Mellen
    PU Univ Louisville, Reviewer
  • B Yvert
    DR, Univ Grenoble, Examiner
  • JR Cazalets
    DR, thesis supervisor, INCIA

Thesis supervisor

Jean René Cazalets
Director of INCIA
Team leader of facility “Motricity analysis”

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