PhD 2014

PhD: Alexis Bédécarrats

Cellular study of the genesis and learning of a motivated behavior in Aplysia

19 December 2014

PhD: Christelle Glangetas

The Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis: between Stress and Reward

18 December 2014

PhD: Karen Carney

Proteomic Characterization of Perisynaptic Astrocytes in Synaptic Plasticity

18 December 2014

PhD: Bernat Gonzalez i Llinares

Presynaptic Mechanisms of Short-Term Plasticity at Hippocampal Mossy Fiber Synapses

17 December 2014

PhDAmandine Lépinay

Programming effects of maternal high-fat diet and early stress on adult phenotype

17 December 2014

PhD: Quentin Duriez

Tobacco smoking and brain atrophy in the elderly subject.

17 December 2014

Thèse de Virginie Lambrecq

Neural correlates of uncertainty, psychophysiological and pathophysiological approaches

16 December 2014

PhD: Vanessa Charrier

Role of the caudal appendage during locomotion in the Urodele: kinematic and electrophysiological study

15 December 2014

PhD: Julien Bensalem

Effects of polyphenols from berries on the age-related cognitive decline in mice

15 December 2014

PhD: Camille Piron

Implication of Prefrontal Cortex and Basal Ganglia in decision making and learning processes : behavioural and pharmacological study in non-human primates

12 December 2014

PhD: Vincent Maingret

Modulation of synaptic plasticity by PGE2 at mossy fiber/CA3 synapse in physiological condition and in a mouse model of Alzheimer disease

12 December 2014

PhD: Léa Milan

Physiopathology of the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis : implication of the neuromodulatory systems in the spinal motor netwoks

10 December 2014

PhD: Lauriane Beliez

Mécanismes spinaux et supraspinaux impliqués dans le couplage entre les réseaux locomoteurs et posturaux

5 December 2014

PhD: Youna Vandaele

Decision making mechanisms underlying choice in an animal model of addiction.

5 December 2014

PhD: Vera Pinheiro

The Scrib1 Interactome and its relevance for synaptic plasticity & neurodevelopmental disorderst

4 December 2014

PhD:Emilie Faggiani

Monoaminergic systems : involvement in the pathophysiology and therapy of parkinson’s disease

3 December 2014

PhD: Anaïs Giacinti

Functional implication of cerebral vascular networks in memory consolidation

1 December 2014

PhD: Xander Houbaert

Study of fear memory and associated synaptic mechanisms in a mouse model of intellectual disability

28 November 2014

PhD: Lionel Froux

Properties of the cortico-subthalamic synapse : an optogenetic study

7 November 2014

PhD: Matthias Haberl

Studying Neuronal Connectivity in the Mouse Brain in Normal Condition and Fragile X Syndrome

16 October 2014

PhD: Matthieu Bastide

Multifunctional approach of L-Dopa induced dyskinesia pathophysiology in Parkinson’s disease: From the striatum to the whole brain.

18 September 2014

PhD: Ronan Chéreau

Investigating morpho-functional plasticity of CA3 axons in living brain slices by a combination of STED microscopy and electrophysiology.

19 June 2014

PhD: Maria Szlapczynska

Long-range connectivity defines learning-induced intrinsic plasticity of prelimbic neurons

13 June 2014

PhD: Ciaran Murphy Royal

Surface diffusion of the astrocytic glutamate transporter glt-1 shapes synaptic transmission

6 June 2014

PhD: Zhuowei Du

Characterisation of GABAergic neurotransmission within basal ganglia circuit in R6/1 Huntington’s disease mouse model

21 February 2014

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