Brain molecular imaging


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Our translational research is to decode the pathophysiological mechanisms after acute brain injuries (traumatic brain injury and stroke) in order to identify new biomarkers in neuroimaging and therapeutic targets. We focus on the changes in interactions between cells in the neurovascular unit formed in part by the endothelium, smooth muscle layer, astrocyte and neuron. Dysfunctions in the neurovascular unit are contributing to alterations of the blood-brain barrier properties and cerebral blood flow. For this work, we are using a vertical-integrated approach from the molecule such as the glycoproteins of the extracellular matrix to the behavior outcomes and non-invasive neuroimaging (MRI with diffusion tensor imaging, perfusion weighted imaging).

Innovative techniques: pre-clinical models (traumatic brain injury, stroke), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Bioorthogonal chemical reporter, neurovascular evaluation.

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Jérôme Badaut (Team Leader)

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Jan Pieter Konsman (Researcher)
Paolo Zanotti (University Teacher and Hospital Practitionner)

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