Research Assistant Engineer in biology

Work Environment

The project takes place in the study of neurodegenerative diseases, especially Parkinson’s disease. The project focuses on the analysis and the characterization of the α-synuclein propagation in an animal model of Parkinson’s disease. The candidate will work in support of the project.


Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases, CNRS UMR-5293, Centre Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Bordeaux


The main tasks of the assistant engineer will be to conduct, within the framework of an experimental program, animal experimentation and postmortem analyses of brain tissues (stereotactic surgery, animal treatment, histology) to understand the mechanisms underlying α-synuclein propagation in a well-characterized model of Parkinson’s disease, in close collaboration with the coordinator of the project.


  • Setting up and monitoring the various stages of the project with the team;
  • Perform different experimental techniques on rodents (stereotactic surgery, intraperitoneal injection, …)
  • Prepare brain samples for immunohistochemical studies by making cryostat sections;
  • Perform various immunohistochemical staining on brains
  • Collect and format the information necessary for the proper conduct of the experiment and/or required by legislation: laboratory notebook, records;
  • Write rigorous experimental reports
  • Apply regulations related to activities in animal

Profile sought

  • Education, degree required: Master in Biology or Neurosciences
  • Desired field of training: Biology, Neurosciences, Laboratory sciences and techniques
  • Desired work experience: Beginner to 2 years
  • Validation of regulatory animal experimentation training, as well as regulatory surgery training, is mandatory

Requested Skills

  • Knowledge in Biology (histology, …)
  • Knowledge in animal experimentation (stereotactic procedures, injections, …)
  • Knowledge in Neurosciences is a plus (brain anatomy, …)
  • English language level
  • Organization, rigor, and autonomy;
  • Good skills of communication

Contract duration

The position is for 2 years (with likely extension) starting February 2022. The position is advertised until filled. Following a shortlisting process, we will conduct interviews with potential candidates.


Please send your application as a single pdf including a cover letter, CV and the names of 1-2 references.



Publication: 13/12/21
Last update 13/12/21