PhD fellowships by ERC-funded project

PhD fellowships offered by ERC Synergy project within the framework of the Graduate Program (EUR) in Light Sciences and Technologies


Background and interest in experimental physics, optics or engineering, and brain science, exceptional self-motivation, autonomy and creativity and team player


PhD project at the cutting-edge interface of optical method development, super-resolution microscopy and neuroscience, embedded in the elite graduate program EUR Light S&T at the University of Bordeaux

More information and contact




  • https://www.u-bordeaux.com/News/Four-researchers-from-the-Bordeaux-campus-awarded-an-ERC-grant-of-10M
  • Bancelin et al. Aberration correction in STED microscopy to increase imaging depth in living brain Neurophotonics (in press)
  • Angibaud et al. A simple tissue clearing method for increasing the depth penetration of STED microscopy of fixed brain Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2020)
  • Inavalli et al. A super-resolution platform for correlative live single-molecule imaging and STED Nature Methods (2019)
  • Tønnesen et Super-Resolution Imaging of the Extracellular Space in Living Brain Tissue. Cell (2018)

How to apply?

Email i) a cover letter explaining your interests and motivation, ii) CV, and iii) a reference letter to: Prof. Dr. U. Valentin Nägerl ().