Job offer – Electrophysiologist

We are looking for an electrophysiologist (patch clamp) to study how nutrition, in particular polyunsaturated fatty acids and their metabolites, influences the electrophysiological properties and synaptic plasticity of neurons and glial cells.
The engineer will work in the NutriMind team at the NutriNeuro laboratory.

The goal of this team’s research is to understand how nutrition influences the electrophysiological properties of neurons and synaptic plasticity in order to determine the neurobiological neuroprotective mechanisms of specific nutrients, particularly lipids, and their metabolites.

The engineer will engage in the following approaches:
– Testing nutrients and/or their metabolites to slow down alterations in synaptic plasticity caused by chronic stress, aging or unbalanced nutritional intakes and deciphering the mechanisms using transgenic, nutritional or pharmacological models in vivo or ex vivo;
– Highlight the reported effects of these nutrients and their derivatives in a nutritional context.

The main mission of the engineer will be to carry out functional analyzes using mainly electrophysiology, in different experimental systems in vivo and in vitro, but also confocal imaging approaches for the 3D reconstruction of neurons and / or glial cells.

1 year renewable starting in may 2022.