NENS Exchange Grants

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These exchange grants for training stays are intended for Master and PhD students registered within NENS member school programmes.

Applicants are registered students at a NENS member school and are expected to spend a period of one to three months at a NENS member school of their choice in a different European country for the purpose of methodological training. The applicants are members of a FENS society.

The exchange grants cover travel and accommodation costs of up to 3,000 EUR.

Application deadlines: every year on 15 April and 15 October (11 pm CET)

Application details:

Before submitting your application for a NENS Exchange Grant please read carefully the Tips for submission.

You have the possibility to conduct an individually arranged internship at a laboratory associated to a NENS school. You could also take part in organised courses offered by that NENS programme during your internship in the laboratory.

Please note that you will be required to hand in a report after the completion of your training stay to the NENS Office. Only after the submission of this report you will be reimbursed. This report will be published on the NENS Alumni Students page.
Training must be completed during the year that follows the deadline of your application.

Preference will be given to early stage students and those who intend to conduct methodological training for the integration in their research work. International stays within the NENS community will be prioritised in accordance with the NENS ethos of fostering training and exchange at the level of graduate research and education across the European neuroscience community.

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