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PhD seminar - Claudia Verderio
PhD seminar - Claudia Verderio
Friday 3 November at 11:30
Microglial EVs travelling at the neuron surface: implication in synaptic pruning and abeta-related synaptic dysfunction
// Venue: Centre Broca

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Mini Symposium on Light-sheet Microscopy Developments and their Applications to Neuroscience
BIPSA 2023 - Rencontre des acteurs de la bio-imagerie en Nouvelle-Aquitaine
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Save the date!
The next Bordeaux Neurocampus Day will take place on May 16th, 2024.


Monthly conference (PhD seminar) – Claudia Verderio
Friday 3 November / 11:30
Microglial EVs travelling at the neuron surface: implication in synaptic pruning and abeta-related synaptic dysfunction
// Venue: Centre Broca

Thesis defense – Zoé Grivet
Friday 3 November / 14:00
Involvement of serotonergic descending pathways in the control of nociception in Parkinson disease
// Venue : Centre Broca

Mini-symposium “Molecular and cellular mechanisms of synapse physiology”
Tuesday 7 November / 09:30
- 12:30
Organized by Daniel Choquet
// Venue : Centre Broca

Thesis defense – Agata Nowacka
Tuesday 7 November / 14:00
Differential contributions of pre- and postsynaptic components in tuning high-frequency short-term synaptic plasticity
// Venue : Centre Broca

Cajal lectures

// Venue : CGFB

November 3 – 9:00am
Alfredo Kirkwood (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
Principles of Hebbian, Pavlovian and Homeostatic synaptic plasticity.

November 3 – 11:00am
Rosa Paolicelli (University of Lausanne, Swiss)
Microglia: key players in synapse remodeling in the healthy and diseased brain.

November 6 – 9:00am
Juan Burrone (King’s College London, UK)
The emergence and plasticity of inhibitory synapses: from dendrites to the axon initial segment.

November 6 – 11:00am
Axion BioSystems : Presentation

November 7 – 9:00am
Nael Nadif Kasri (Radboud University Medical Center, Netherlands)
Leveraging spontaneous activity in human neuronal stem cell-derived neurons to model neurodevelopmental disorders.

November 9 – 9:00am
Christian Lohmann (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Netherlands)
Imaging synapse development.

November 9 – 11:00am
Julijana Gjorgjieva (Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Germany)
Emergence of organization and computations at the subcellular and cellular scales.

Pour tous

Rencard du savoir «Notre cerveau, ce mélomane»
Mardi 14 novembre / 18:30
- 20:00
Bibliothèque de Ste Eulalie


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The importance of choice and agency in animal models of addiction
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Statistics in Medicine. 2023-07-17


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BBRF Distinguished Investigator Grants
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation
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Grand prix Richard Lounsbery
Par l’Académie des sciences et la National Academy of sciences (États-Unis)
Expire le 10 novembre 2023

ECP Scholarship Programme
European psychiatric association. Scholarships to selected Early Career Psychiatrists and trainees to attend the EPA Congress.
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Wellcome’s Mental Health Award
Understanding how anxiety- and trauma-related problems develop, persist and resolve
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Azrieli International Postdoctoral Fellowships
open to candidates who have secured an academic sponsor and will perform their postdoctoral research in Israel
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FREE – AAP « Epilepsie et Société »
Fondation Française pour la Recherche sur l’Epilepsie
Expire le 15 novembre 2023

Alzheimer’s Association – PTC research grant
Aims to increase the research efforts in Phase I and Phase II clinical trials directed towards Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias internationally.
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Programme Atip–Avenir
Conçu dans le cadre d’un partenariat entre l’Inserm et le CNRS
Expire le 16 novembre 2023

Fonds France-Canada pour la Recherche
Bourses d’amorçage essentiellement destinées à financer la mobilité des chercheurs et des étudiants entre les deux pays.
Expire le 17 novembre 2023

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