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La lettre / Jeudi 22 juin 2023


Seminar - Julie Le Merrer
Seminar - Julie Le Merrer
Friday 23rd June at 11:30
Social behavior and striatum: reward matters

Invited by Jean-Luc Morel (INCIA)

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Laureates of the Bordeaux Neurocampus Doctoral Research Award 2023
Laureates of the Bordeaux Neurocampus Doctoral Research Award 2023
Congratulations to: Anaëlle Braine, Yoni Couderc, Paula Gomez Sotres and Stéphane Léon

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Vient de paraître !

La Lettre des Neurosciences - n°64

Offre d'emploi

Assistant ingénieur en Comportement animal
Contact : Etienne Coutureau (INCIA)


Friday Seminar – Julie Le Merrer
Friday 23 June / 11:30
Social behavior and striatum: reward matters
Invited by Jean-Luc Morel (INCIA)

Journée hommage à Joel Swendsen
Mardi 27 juin
Lieu : Centre Broca

Controverse : "Animaux utilisés à des fins scientifiques : un mal nécessaire ou une instrumentalisation immorale ?"
Mardi 27 juin / 18:30
- 20:00
Amphil Ellul - PJJ

Seminar – Marco Canepari
Friday 30 June / 11:30
Optical analysis of neuronal ionic currents in acute brain slices and its application to the study of channelopathies

Cajal lectures

June 23 - 9:00am
Thomas Papouin (Washington University, School of Medicine , USA)
Mapping the Contribution of Astrocytes to the Effects of Neuromodulators on Synapses and Behavior.

June 23 - 11:00am
Mikael Simons (DZNE, Germany)
Mechanisms of (re)myelination in the CNS.

June 24 - 9:00am
Caroline Smith (Boston College, USA)
Conducting rigorous behavioral testing in the context of neuro-immune interactions.

June 24 - 10:00am
Giampaolo Milior (College de France, France)
Glial cells in the human brain: new insights and perspectives from work on human epileptic tissues.

June 26 - 9:00am
Kelly Monk (Vollume Institute, USA)
Molecular and genetic analysis of glial cell development.

June 26 - 11:00am
Maarten Kole (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience , The Netherlands)
Neuron-oligodendrocyte interactions in cortical circuits.

June 29 - 9:00am
Addgene Presentation
Addgene's resources for neuroscience.

June 29 - 5:45pm
David Rowitch (Cambridge University, UK)
Heterogenous origins of glia.


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Tracing the development and lifespan change of population-level structural asymmetry in the cerebral cortex
James M Roe, Didac Vidal-Pineiro, Inge K Amlien, Mengyu Pan, Markus H Sneve, Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, Patrick Friedrich, Zhiqiang Sha, Clyde Francks, Espen M Eilertsen, Yunpeng Wang, Kristine B Walhovd, Anders M Fjell, René Westerhausen. eLife. 2023-06-19

Evolution of a Cockroach Allergen into the Major Protein of Termite Royal Jelly
Jan A. Veenstra. IJMS. 2023-06-18

From improved sleep regularity to reduced sleep complaints and mental health conditions: A population-based interventional study using a smartphone-based virtual agent.
Julien Coelho, Florian Pecune, Yannick Levavasseur, Etienne De Sevin, Emmanuel D’incau, Patricia Sagaspe, Maria-Montserrat Sanchez-Ortuño, Jean-Arthur Micoulaud-Franchi, Pierre Philip. SLEEP. 2023-06-07


New calls

Fondation Clément Fayat - Bourse de thèse
Pour soutenir un projet de recherche dans le champ des maladies neurodégénératives.
Expire le 1er août 2023

Azrieli International Postdoctoral Fellowships
open to candidates who have secured an academic sponsor and will perform their postdoctoral research in Israel
Expire le 15 novembre 2023

SFARI – 2023 Summer Pilot Award
to provide early support for exploratory ideas considered higher risk
Expire le 14 septembre 2023

Leducq Foundation – International Networks of Excellence
Cardiovascular and Neurovascular Research
Expire le 6 septembre 2023

Appel à projets Inserm/Québec sur le vieillissement neurocognitif
incluant la neuroendocrinologie
Expire le 28 août 2023

Ending soon

ALS Association – In Vivo Target Validation
Enables the evaluation of novel therapeutics for target engagement and disease-modifying potential in ALS.
Expire le 26 juin 2023

McDonald Fellowships
Multiple sclerosis
Expire le 30 juin 2023

Du Pré Grants
MSIF Du Pré Grants enable multiple sclerosis researchers and clinicians to undertake short placements in established MS research centres and clinics
Expire le 30 juin 2023

Radala foundation – Application for advanced research grants in ALS
funding to pursue a potentially ground-breaking, high-risk project for 2 years in basic research in ALS
Expire le 30 juin 2023

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