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8th Imaging The Cell 2015

Organized by the French Society of Cell Biology.

Du 24 juin 2015 au 26 juin 2015

Welcome to the 8th Imaging the cell 2015     June 24 - 26

"Imaging the Cell" is a meeting organized by the French Society of Cell Biology. Previous editions were held in Toulouse (2012) and in Strasbourg (2013) and were great success.

The 8th congress “Imaging The Cell” will cover the most recent conceptual and technological advances in cell imaging at both cellular and ultra-structural levels. This three days meeting will bring experts from across the world to discuss with interested participants novel experimental strategies to explore and investigate the nearness of the cells. The morning sessions will be dedicated to talks given by prestigious international speakers and afternoon technical workshops will be setup in the hosting institutes and the Bordeaux Imaging Center.

Registration and program  on this website....

We are organizing the forthcoming 2015 edition in the beautiful city of Bordeaux, an UNESCO world heritage site in the southwest of France. Bordeaux is conveniently located at only about one-hour direct flight from most European capitals. Bordeaux is the world capital of wines with its 14,000 regional producers and its internationally renowned chateaux. The town's reputation is also founded on pleasures of the table and on it rich architecture of the 18th century.

That you like wine or cell imaging, we will be very happy to welcome you in Bordeaux for this exciting meeting!

Scientific Commitee

Violaine MOREAU, PhD, INSERM U1053
Frédéric SALTEL, PhD, INSERM U1053
Fabrice CORDELIERES, PhD, Bordeaux Imaging Center
Christel POUJOL, PhD, Bordeaux Imaging Center
Isabelle SAGOT, PhD, CNRS UMR5095 IBGC


Christel Poujol / Bordeaux Imaging Center UMS 3420 CNRS - Université Bordeaux - US4 INSERM Pôle d'imagerie photonique (christel.poujol @
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