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Séminaire - Poul Henning JensenPathogenic mechanisms in multiple systems atrophy and other synucleinopathies.

Abstract :

α-synuclein aggregation is hypothesized to play a pivotal role in the group of synucleinopathies
although its role in MSA is less clear. Litterature and studies will be discussed focussing on: Concepts of α-synuclein aggregates – are they all equally relevant and how to choose. How α-synuclein aggregates may contribute to cellular stress and frank degeneration. The peculiarities of MSA. Potential sites of cytoprotective therapeutic intervention in MSA and synucleinopathies.


Selected publications

How epigallocatechin gallate can inhibit α-synuclein oligomer toxicity in vitro. / Lorenzen, Nikolai; Nielsen, Søren B; Yoshimura, Yuichi; Vad, Brian S; Andersen, Camilla Bertel; Betzer, Cristine; Kaspersen, Jørn D; Christiansen, Gunna; Pedersen, Jan S; Jensen, Poul Henning; Mulder, Frans A A; Otzen, Daniel E.
In: Journal of Biological Chemistry, 06.06.2014.

Accumulation of oligomer-prone α-synuclein exacerbates synaptic and neuronal degeneration in vivo. / Rockenstein, Edward; Nuber, Silke; Overk, Cassia R; Ubhi, Kiren; Mante, Michael; Patrick, Christina; Adame, Anthony; Trejo-Morales, Margarita; Gerez, Juan; Picotti, Paola; Jensen, Poul H; Campioni, Silvia; Riek, Roland; Winkler, Jürgen; Gage, Fred H; Winner, Beate; Masliah, Eliezer.
In: Brain, Vol. 137, No. Pt 5, 05.2014, p. 1496-513.

Prodegenerative IκBα expression in oligodendroglial α-synuclein models of multiple system atrophy. / Kragh, Christine L; Gysbers, Amanda M; Rockenstein, Edward; Murphy, Karen; Halliday, Glenda M; Masliah, Eliezer; Jensen, Poul Henning.
In: Neurobiology of Disease, Vol. 63, 01.03.2014, p. 171-183.

Alpha synuclein in Parkinson's disease : Handbook of Neurotoxicity. / Kragh, Christine Lund; Romero-Ramos, Marina; Halliday, Glenda M; Jensen, Poul Henning.
Springer Science+Business Media B.V., 2014. 21 p.

DJ-1 interactions with α-synuclein attenuate aggregation and cellular toxicity in models of Parkinson's disease. / Zondler, L; Miller-Fleming, L; Repici, M; Gonçalves, S; Tenreiro, S; Rosado-Ramos, R; Betzer, Cristine; Straatman, K R; Jensen, Poul Henning; Giorgini, F; Outeiro, T F.
In: Cell Death & Disease, Vol. 5, 2014, p. e1350.

Scientific focus :

Research: 1994 established the Neurodegenerative Group on the Institute of Medical Biochemistry that focuses on Parkinson's disease and related diseases. The group has exploited the strong knowledge generated by clinical genetics and the humane genome project to focus on key molecular players in neurodegenerative processes, in particular the geneproducts a-synuclein and parkin and their up- and downstream pathogenic pathways. This has been done by the use of a broad range of complementary techniques and an extensive network of collaborators. The result has been publications that comprise data that range from the molecular level to the analysis of human brain tissue within single publications, and which has given us a leading role in Denmark within this area. The group are engaged in extensive collaborations, as documented in the list of publications, with numerous national and international groups of complementary scientific skills. Partner in the Nordic Center of Excellence in Neurodegeneration established for 5 years from 2005 by the joint committee of the Nordic Medical Research Councils. The group currently comprise 1 professor, 1 assistant professor, 1 post doc, 3 ph.d. student, 1 graduate students, 2 technicians

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