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Séminaire - Imaging Dayune organisation Bordeaux Imaging Center

Abstract :

The Bordeaux Imaging Center organizes, in cooperation with Femtonics, an Imaging Day dedicated to 2-photons in-vivo imaging.

 Dr. Patricia Varju
will hold a technical presentation on Femtonics products.  Femtonics is a research based company providing solutions in the field of Two-Photon Imaging with operational offices across the US and Europe, supporting modern sciences like neurosciences and many other imaging based applications….

 Prof. Balázs Rózsa  MD Phd Principal Investigator
(IEM-HAS Hungary),
invited lecturer, will talk about the "Fast 3D in vivo imaging of neuronal activity with sub-cellular resolution in large tissue volumes" .

3D two-photon imaging

To understand the fast computational mechanisms of the brain, one needs to be able to perform rapid measurements at several sites along a single neuron as well as to image large populations of neurons. Traditional two-dimensional measurements are severely limited for such kinds of endeavors since neurons are located in three dimensions. To overcome this problem, we have developed new solutions to perform three-dimensional functional imaging with large scanning ranges along the z direction. With our three-dimensional microscopes we are able to maintain point or trajectory scanning with a short pixel dwell time. The speed and scanning volume of our technique in combination with the ~ 800 µm penetration dept of two-photon technology makes our methodology very convenient for in vivo measurements of neuronal populations, too.


These talks will take place in the conference room of CGFB, the Thursday 29th of January, 10:00.