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Événement - GLISYN/International Bordeaux Neurocampus Brain Conf.Astrocytes & Microglia, key partners in synaptic transmission

Abstract :

Location/ Institut d'optique à Talence / France 



Les titres des interventions....

Cornelius GROSS - Microglia contribute to autism-related functional connectivity and behavioral deficits
Sophie LAYE - Lipid nutrition regulates microglia activity and function: consequence on behavior
Etienne AUDINAT - Microglia and maturation of synaptic circuits during cortical development Beth STEVENS - Immune mechanisms of synapse loss in health and disease
Marc FREEMAN - Roles for astrocytes in neural circuit assembly
Richard ROBITAILLE - Glial cells regulate synaptic properties to alter the outcome of synaptic competition at the mammalian neuromuscular junction
Wenbiao GAN - In vivo studies of microglial function in synapse formation
Marie-Eve TREMBLAY - Microglial remodeling of neuronal circuits in the mature healthy brain Alain BESSIS - Microglial control of synaptic function
Stéphane OLIET - Membrane trafficking of GLT1 glutamate transporters in astrocytes
Dmitri RUSAKOV - Structural plasticity of synaptic environment: Insights into the machinery Nathalie ROUACH - Unraveling unconventional role for astroglial connexins in synaptic strength and memory
Giovanni MARSICANO - Astroglial type-1 cannabinoid receptors (CB1) are necessary for object recognition memory and synaptic plasticity
Richard RANSOHOFF - Fractalkinomics: One key to unlock the mysteries of microglia
Michael SALTER - From receptors to pain: the molecular dynamics of pain
Carole ESCARTIN - Functional changes in reactive astrocytes during neuro- degenerative diseases
Giorgio CARMIGNOTO - Exploring the role of astrocytes in epileptiform activity
Anne ROUMIER - Modulation of microglia by serotonin 5-HT2B receptors: possible implications for developmental synaptic refinement
Joana FERREIRA - Co-agonist tunes GluN2B-NMDA receptor trafficking and content at developing hippocampal synapses ST2 - Role of glial cells in brain physiology
Thomas PFEIFFER - Induction of LTP increases the motility of microglia and prolongs their dynamic contacts with dendritic spines
Jonathan ZAPATA - Atypical neuroglial interactions at the hippocampal mossy fiber synapses ST3 - Role of glial cells in brain pathology
Eric MARTINEAU - Alteration of glial properties at the NMJ may hinder reinnervation in ALS Li TIAN - Stress-Immune connection: understanding it from the systems biological perspective

Voir le book  scientifique des contenus....

The second edition of the International Bordeaux Neurocampus - Brain Conferences is scheduled from September 30 to October 2, 2015. “GliSyn”
for “Astrocytes and microglia, key partners in synaptic transmission”, will focus on the possible partnership of two glial cells, astrocytes and microglia, in synaptic transmission. It will take place at the Institut d’Optique Graduate School of Talence, southwest of the famous city of Bordeaux, on the University campus of Bordeaux.

Although astrocytes and microglia share common features, the astrocyte and microglia fields are growing independently. The goal of this conference is to gather for the first time scientists from both fields. Three sessions will be dedicated to the influence of the two types of glial cells at the synapse during development, in adult physiology and in pathology.

Renowned Speakers will be there to brainstorm with more than 200 researchers, coming from all over the world. The scientific program of this meeting is based on plenary lectures made by world-class personalities. Several young scientists will be selected on their abstracts by the Scientific Committee to give a talk during the event. Poster sessions will also be organized for informal exchanges among participants. Finally, to stimulate discussion about the possible partnership of astrocytes and microglia in synaptic transmission, round tables will be organized at the end of each session.

An exhibition area will host industrial stands providing an excellent opportunity to interact with companies in different domains and familiarize themselves with the latest technological advances. Catering breaks will be in the exhibitors' area to favor contacts with delegates.

A gala dinner will be proposed in a prestigious site nearby!

GliSyn is organized by the Bordeaux Neurocampus Federation and the LabEx BRAIN. It is an event opened to the worldwide scientific community.