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Séminaire - Felipe BarrosGlial-neuronal cross-talk: a lactate channel and a novel neuronal signal.

Abstract :

Une invitation d'Aude Panatier  du Neurocentre Magendie

 The brain lives dangerously. Switching from quiescence to spiking, a neuron may increase its energy demand by a factor of 100,
but neurons do not have energy stores: so how is this huge incremental demand satisfied, time and again, over a lifetime? The positive selection of “thrifty” genes in mammals speaks of chronic food shortage and suggests that energy availability has constrained the evolutionary design of the brain and that energy metabolism is a high level component of information processing. On top of glutamate, ATP and serine, the most recent addition to the metabolism/information interface is lactate, first promoted from waste to fuel, and more recently to bona fide neuromodulator through G protein-coupled receptors. This presentation will discuss how brain energy metabolism may be studied at high resolution using genetically-encoded FRET sensors.

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Selected publications

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Barros L.F.

Scientific focus :

L. Felipe Barros qualified as a Medic in 1988 and got his Ph.D. in Sciences in 1993 at the Universidad de Chile, advised by David Yudilevich. From 1993 to 1996 he was a Wellcome Trust Fellow in Steve Baldwin´s lab in Leeds, UK. In 1996 he became Assistant Professor and then Associate Professor at the University of Chile. In 2000, he joined the Centro de Estudios Científicos as Principal Investigator. How can organisms manage to balance the flux of matter and energy? To address this question, his team is developing new molecular tools, capable of measuring metabolic parameters with high spatiotemporal resolution.