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Conférence mensuelle - Michel Thiebaut de Schotten / PhD seminar seriesStrokes are made of this

Abstract :

Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, qui rejoindra prochainement l’équipe GIN de Nathalie Tzourio-Mazoyer, a reçu une subvention ERC “consolidator”.

 Much of our existing knowledge about the workings of the healthy brain comes from studying patients who have suffered brain injuries, for example, due to a stroke. However, despite this, we still have little idea of the impact which brain damage has on the networks of neuronal connections across the whole brain which underlie key cognitive functions.
While conventional neuroimaging analyses can detect the location and structure of a lesion, they tell us little about the wider impact of a particular lesion on the brain’s neuronal circuitry. Understanding this is crucial to being able to quantify the effects of brain damage on the whole brain, as well as exploring the effects of such lesions on a person’s behavioural and cognitive abilities.

This could improve our understanding of brain function, and lead to better clinical care for patients suffering from brain damage.

Selected publications

Foulon C, Cerliani L, Levy R, Rosso C, Urbanski M, Volle E, Thiebaut de Schotten M. 2018 Advanced lesion symptom mapping analyses and implementation as BCBtoolkit. GigaScience

Thiebaut de Schotten M and Foulon C. 2018 The rise of a new associationist school for lesion-symptom mapping. Brain

Thiebaut de Schotten M, Dell’Acqua F, Ratiu P, Corkin S, Cabanis E, Iba-Zizen MT, Leslie A, Dronkers N, Plaisant O, Simmons A, Murphy D, Catani M. 2015 From Phineas Gage and Monsieur Leborgne to H.M._Revisiting Disconnection Syndromes. Cerebral Cortex

Catani M and Thiebaut de Schotten M 2012 Atlas of Human Brain Connections. OUP.

Thiebaut de Schotten M, Dell'Acqua F, Forkel SJ, Simmons A, Vergani F, Murphy DG, Catani M. 2011. A lateralized brain network for visuo-spatial attention.pdf Nat Neurosci 14:1245-1246.

Scientific focus :

We have developed a software package called BCBtoolkit which can help researchers and clinicians understand the effects of brain damage
on brain connections. In future, this could help evolve our understanding of high-level cognitive functions, as well as helping neurologists to predict whether a patient will recover or not from a stroke or other brain injuries.

Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, Director of Research, PhD, HDR, CNRS Sorbonne Universities, UPMC Univ Paris 06 Brain Connectivity and Behaviour Group Frontlab, Institut du cerveau et la moelle épinière

Share a pizza...

La Fédération Bordeaux Neurocampus, en concertation avec l'Ecole Doctorale SVS, a mis en place une série de conférences destinée à l'ensemble des étudiants effectuant leur thèse dans les laboratoires de neurosciences de Bordeaux Neurocampus. Les doctorants Neuroscience in Bordeaux Association (NBA)sont chargés de l'organisation.

Modalités : tous les premiers vendredi de chaque mois à 11h30 (durée : 1h), puis pizzas avec les étudiants et rencontres avec les personnes intéressées l'après-midi

The next "Bordeaux Neurocampus PhD seminar" organized by the NBA will take place on November the 9th with Alexandre BAFFET at the Amphithéâtre Broca Nouvelle Aquitaine at 11:30.If you would like to share pizzas with him (12:30 - 14:00), please register on this Doodle. (soon...)

You can also have a meeting with him in the afternoon, send a mail at : in order to book it. The NBA hopes to se