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Séminaire impromptu - Robin Hiesinger //annulé !!! Simple rules in neural circuit assembly

Abstract :

 How much information is required to wire up a brain?  Hiesinger and colleagues take an algorithmic approach to brain wiring based on live observation of how connections are made in the fly visual system:
  First, non-invasive imaging of neural circuit assembly at high resolution allows to identify (often surprisingly simple) algorithmic rules that can generate complicated wiring diagrams with precision, robustness, and flexibility. 
Second, genetic perturbation allows to identify the cell interaction molecules that execute these rules. A hallmark of such rules and their molecular execution is that they rely on stochastic dynamic processes that seem, at first glance, at odds with the idea of deterministic molecular synaptic targets. 
Two questions therefore motivate Hiesinger’s current work and will be addressed in the talk: To what extent can simple algorithmic rules determine neural circuit assembly before molecular synaptic target definitions become indispensable? And how is robust circuit assembly ensured based on stochastic developmental processes?

Selected publications

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