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PhD seminar series 2017-2018

Le 5 octobre 2017

06/10/17 – Marc CLARET (Barcelona)
Qualitatively different mitochondrial fusion in POMC neurons divergently regulates energy balance and glucose homeostasis

03/11/17 – Jérôme BADAUT (Bordeaux)
Gliovascular unit dysfunctions precede neuronal alterations after pediatric brain injury

01/12/17 –Giovanni Marsicano (Bordeaux)
Neuroimmunological aspects of health and disease

05/01/18 – Philippe COURTET (Montpellier) annulé ! 
Sensitivity to social exclusion in suicidal behavior: brain imaging, inflammation and pain

02/02/18 – Ingo GREGER (Cambridge)
Understanding AMPA receptor structural dynamics at synapses

02/03/18 – Gero MISENBOÖCK (Oxford)
Light sleep

06/04/18 – Giovanni MARSICANO (Bordeaux)
CB1 receptor signalling in the brain: a tale of time and space

04/05/18 – Clément LENA (Paris)
What can the cerebellum do for the cortex?

01/06/18 – Steven SIEGELBAUM (New York)
Hippocampal circuits and plasticity in social behavior and disease