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Séminaire impromptu - Fabrice de Chaumont et Elodie Ey Live Mouse Tracker: real-time behavioral analysis of groups of mice

Abstract :

 Preclinical studies of psychiatric disorders require the use of animal models to investigate the impact of environmental factors
or genetic mutations on complex traits such as decision-making and social interactions. Here, we present a real-time method for behavior analysis of mice housed in groups that couples computer vision, machine learning and Triggered-RFID identification to track and monitor animals over several days in enriched environments. The system extracts a thorough list of individual and collective behavioral traits and provides a unique phenotypic profile for each animal. On mouse models, we study the impact of mutations of genes Shank2 and Shank3 involved in autism. Characterization and integration of data from behavioral profiles of mutated female mice reveals distinctive activity levels and involvement in complex social configuration.

Fabrice de Chaumont / Institut Pasteur

Elodie Ey / Institut Pasteur