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Séminaire - Cendra AgulhonContributions of astrocyte and satellite signaling to sensory processing

Abstract :

 One of the great unsolved mysteries in neuroscience concerns the role of astrocyte and satellite glial cell Ca2+ signaling in neuronal activity.
In the central nervous system, astrocytes intimately envelop synapses and neuronal cell bodies. In the peripheral sensory ganglia, satellite glial cells envelop sensory neurons. Both cell types are uniquely able to receive signals from synapses and neuronal cell bodies, via their Gq protein-coupled receptors (Gq GPCRs). I will focus on the role of glial Gq GPCR-mediated Ca2+ signaling in sensory information processing. I will provide evidence that astrocytic signaling does not affect sensory-evoked neuronal activity while satellite glial cell signaling can drive sensory neuron activity through a purinergic pathway.