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Séminaire - 10 Séminaires Cajal !Neuroinflammation and how to study it

Abstract :

June 25 – July 7, 2018 CGFB – Salle des conferences

Monday 25 June
10h15: Hugh Perry - Microglia biology: the foundation of neuroinflammation

11h45: Barry McColl - Understanding the diverse properties of microglia and macrophages in cerebrovascular disease

Saturday 30 June
9h00: Trevor Owens - Adaptive immunity in the brain – where does it start, where does it end?

10h15: Burkhard Becher - CNS-inflamation: Auto-Ag or Cytokine dysregulation?

11h45: Florent Ginhoux - Microglia Biology: From Development to Functions

Wednesday 4 July
9h00: Britta Englehardt - The brain barriers control immune privilege of the CNS

10h15: Amanda Sierra - Of ghost neurons and ravenous microglia: apoptosis and phagocytosis in health and disease

11h45: Diego Gomez - Microglia and monocytes in CNS inflammation: how to studytheirdynamics and their relative contribution to disease

Friday 6 July
9h00: Robert Dantzer (Amphi Broca) - How to deconstruct inflammation-associated depression to better understand its pathophysiology

11h00: Colm Cunningham (Salle du conseil UFR Pharmacie) - Systemic inflammation alters glial phenotypes and cognitive and behavioural function during neurodegenerative disease