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Conférence mensuelle - Alexandre Baffet, PhD seminar seriesMicrotubule-based transport in radial glial progenitor cells

Abstract :

Our group investigates the mechanisms governing neocortex development, focusing on microtubule-based processes in neuronal progenitor cells. In mouse, the main progenitor type is the apical radial glial cell (aRG). I will present published data describing the molecular mechanism controlling cell cycle-dependent nuclear oscillations occurring in the cells, a process known as Interkinetic Nuclear Migration (INM). I will further present ongoing research, based on high resolution subcellular live imaging within embryonic brain slices, aimed at identifying the mechanisms for post-Golgi polarized trafficking, as well as acentrosomal microtubule organization in these cells. Finally, I will discuss about a second type of neuronal progenitor cells, the basal radial glial cell (bRG cells). These cells are extremely rare in mice but very abundant in humans, and believed to account for the large size expansion of the human brain. I will present tools that we are currently developing in the lab to investigate these cells in human tissue.

Selected publications

Brault JB, Khou C, Basset J, Coquand L, Fraisier V, Frenkiel MP, Manuguerra JC, Pardigon N, Baffet AD1. (2016) Comparative Analysis Between Flaviviruses Reveals Specific Neural Stem Cell Tropism for Zika Virus in the Mouse Developing Neocortex.EBioMedicine 10, 71-76.

Baffet A, Carabalona A, Dantas T, Doobin D, Hu D, Vallee R. (2016) Cellular and subcellular imaging of motor protein-based behavior in embryonic rat brain. Methods Cell Biol. 131:349-63.

Baffet A1, Hu D, Vallee R1. (2015) Cdk1 activates pre-mitotic nuclear envelope dynein recruitment and apical nuclear migration in neural stem cells. Dev Cell. 33, 1-14.

Baffet A1. (2014) Nuclear migration in neuronal progenitors: when the brain plays yo-yo. Med Sci. (Paris). 30, 9–12. 

Hu D*, Baffet A*, Nayak T*, Akhmanova A., Doye V, Vallee R. (2013) Dynein recruitment to nuclear pores activates apical nuclear migration and mitotic entry in brain progenitor cells. Cell. 154, 1300–1313.

Scientific focus :

We want to understand how neural stem cell proliferation is tightly controlled, both spatially and temporally, to allow for the efficient formation of the highly organized neocortex. In addition, we wish to characterize how variations in neural stem cells behavior may account for the large expansion of the human brain, but also how alterations may lead to pathological brain development. Read more...

PhD seminar series and pizzas

La Fédération Bordeaux Neurocampus, en concertation avec l'Ecole Doctorale SVS, a mis en place une série de conférences destinée à l'ensemble des étudiants effectuant leur thèse dans les laboratoires de neurosciences de Bordeaux Neurocampus. Les doctorants Neuroscience in Bordeaux Association (NBA)sont chargés de l'organisation.

Modalités : tous les premiers vendredi de chaque mois à 11h30 (durée : 1h), puis pizzas avec les étudiants et rencontres avec les personnes intéressées l'après-midi

The next "Bordeaux Neurocampus PhD seminar" organized by the NBA will take place on November the 9th with Alexandre BAFFET at the Amphithéâtre Broca Nouvelle Aquitaine at 11:30. If you would like to share pizzas with him (12:30 - 14:00), please register on this Doodle.

You can also have a meeting with him in the afternoon, send a mail at : in order to book it. The NBA hopes to see you there !