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Séminaire - Marina Laganaro (annulé !)When and how does the brain produce speech errors? From normal to pathological errors

Abstract :

Every speaker produces some lexical and phonological errors, i.e. some errors resulting in an incorrectly selected word (“on en discutera ce matin, euh, ce soir”) or in the transformation of the word form (« les Tanadiens de Toronto » - les canadiens de Toronto ») and such errors are frequently observed in aphasia follwoing brain damage.

Here we will discuss how lexical and phonological errors are produced in healhty (non-brain damaged) and in aphasic speakers and when and where they are generated in the course of utterance planning.  Finally, we will show how the time-course of error generation informs on the dynamics of utterance planning from concept to articulation.

Selected publications

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Laganaro, M., Morand, S., and Schnider, A. (2009). Time course of evoked-potential changes in different forms of anomia in aphasia. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 21, 1499-1510.

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