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The Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering Day

Agora du Haut Carré , Talence

Le 4 avril 2017

"The Bordeaux Cell Biology Club was created to gather together researchers of the Bordeaux Metropole interested by the field of Cell Biology.
For that, we are organizing the first: Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering day (BCBG) that will take place on 4th April at the domaine du Haut-Carré in Talence. The program includes 20 seminars of 10 minutes There are talks from researchers from Magendie, IMN and IINS and many other great labs in Bordeaux.
Thanks for your attention,
Come and see ! Inscription are free but mandatory
The organizing comittee


Welcome talk
 9h15F. SALTEL (U1053)Laser capture and proteomic combination for cellular biology applications
 9h30V. MOREAU (U1053)Regulating Rho GTPases at the right place: lessons from tumors
 9h45I. SAGOT (UMR5095)Actin and microtubule re-organization in quiescent yeast cells
 10hD. McCUSKER (UMR5095)Generating order from chaos: Self organisation during polarity axis establishment.
 10h15A. ROYOU (UMR5095)How do cells coordinate chromosome segragation with cell division?
Airyscan et solutions « haute résolution »
Comptage et analyse cellulaire par cytométrie
(SANS flux)
 10h45COFFEE BREAK (35min)
O. ROSSIER11h15S. MONGRAND (UMR5200)Role of microdomains in plant plasma membrane
 11h30N. FRANGNE
Understanding the link between endoreduplication, cell growth and transcription in tomato fruit
 11h45E. BAYER  (UMR5200)Plant-intercellular plasmodesmata pore structure and dynamics revealed by electron tomography
 12hO. LAMBERT (CBMN)Caveolae structure and function: inflammatory and degenerative conditions
 12h15P. NASSOY (UMR5298)The Cellular Capsules Technology: applications in micro-tissue and -tumor engineering
 12h30LUNCH BREAK (1h30)
 M. PRIAULT14hD. ROBINSON (UMR5234)BILBO, the parasite ring of power, and its role in African sleeping sickness
 14h15H. WODRICH (UMR5234)Cell biology lessons derived from virus entry
 14h30K. MASSE (IMN)New functions of eya4 during muscle formation
 14h45M. MERGNY (Bergonié)Autophagy in cancer and cancer therapy
 15hC. BILLOTTET (U1029)LRP1 as a novel regulator of CXCR3: relevance for tumor cell invasion
 15h15COFFEE BREAK (45min)
 M. RAOUX16hH. BŒUF (U1026)Study of the microenvironment on pluripotency and plasticity of murine embryonic stem cells (mESC)
 16h15M. MONTCOUQUIOL (Magendie)Planar cell polarity signaling controls the cytoskeleton dynamic in mammals
 16h30G. GIANONNE (IINS)Super-resolution microscopy: a window for integrin and actin spatiotemporal and mechanical regulation
 16h45D. PERRAIS (IINS)Endocytosis: molecular and cellular mechanisms and its role in synaptic function
 17hA. FAVEREAUX (IINS)Extracellular vesicles, a new communication pathway in the brain?

Contact: Olivier Rossier/ Institut Interdisciplinaire de NeuroSciences (IINS) CNRS/Université de Bordeaux (olivier.rossier @
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