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Séminaire - Séminaire Bx Neurocampus mensuel: Sonia GarelEarly wiring of cortical circuits: neuronal and immune orchestration

Abstract :

Developmental neurobiology / 1er conférence mensuelle 2016-2017

Cortical circuits begin to be established in the embryo by developmental programs that coordinate the assembly of millions of neurons via a complex choreography of migration and axonal navigation. Such programs can be perturbed by environmental signals, as illustrated by the fact that prenatal inflammation constitutes a major risk factor for schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders. Thus understanding how embryonic programs and inflammatory signals shape cortical wiring is essential for neurobiologists and clinicians. To this aim, we are examining how migration shapes the assembly of forebrain circuits, how such circuits establish long-range axonal connections and how microglia, the brain resident macrophages that are activated by prenatal inflammation, contributes to both processes. 

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Selected publications

De Frutos CA, Bouvier G, Arai Y, Thion MS, Lokmane L, Keita K, Garcia-Dominguez M, Charnay P, Hirata T, Riethmacher D, GroveEA, TissirF, CasadoM, Pierani A, Garel S (2016)Reallocation of olfactory Cajal-Retzius cells shapes neocortex architecture. Neuron, in press.   

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 Lokmane L, Proville R, Narboux-Nême N, Györy I, Keita M, Mailhes C, Léna C, Gaspar P, Grosschedl R and Garel S (2013) Sensory map transfer to the neocortex relies on pre-target ordering of thalamic axons. Current Biology23:810-6.

 Deck M, Lokmane L, Chauvet S, Mailhes C, Keita M, Niquille M, Lebrand C, Yoshida M, Yoshida Y, Mann F, Grove E, Garel S (2013) Pathfinding of corticothalamic axons relies on a rendezvous with thalamic projections. Neuron77 :472-84.

 Bielle° F, Marcos-Mondejar° P, Leyva-Diaz° E, Lokmane° L, Mire E, Mailhes C, Keita M, Gracia N, Tessier-Lavigne M, Garel* S, Lopez-Bendito* G (2011) Emergent growth cone responses to combinations of Slit1 and Netrin 1 in thalamic axon topography. Current Biology 21:1748-55.

 Bielle F, Marcos-Mondejar P, Keita M, Mailhes C, Verney C, Nguyen Ba-Charvet K, Tessier-Lavigne M, Lopez-Bendito G, Garel S (2011) Slit2 activity in the migration of Guidepost neurons shapes thalamic projections during development and evolution.Neuron69:1085-1098.

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Scientific focus :

 Sonia Garel earned her PhD
Developmental Biology at University Paris 6. Following a post-doctoral stay at UCSF, she joined the Institut de Biologie de l’Ecole Normale Superieure (IBENS). Since 2008, she is heading the team Brain Development and Plasticity. Her research focuses on understanding the molecular and cellular logic that controls the assembly of forebrain neural circuits during embryogenesis and postnatal development. She is a recipient of the European Young Investigator Award (EURYI), the EMBO Young Investigator Program and the ERC consolidator program.