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Séminaire impromptu - Hans-Otto Karnath"Anatomy of spatial attention - Evidence from stroke patients"

Abstract :

Exploration of space
Neglect is a possible consequence of right-hemisphere brain damage and is characterised by a dramatic failure to orient toward, explore and respond to stimuli presented on the contralesional side, even when these items appear in isolation or for sustained periods of time. For example, neglect patients often only talk to people on their right and fail to eat food from the left side of their plate. Interestingly, while neglect patients fail to respond to certain regions of space, primary sensory loss is not the main cause of neglect. In other words, neglect represents a failure to perceive despite intact sensory processing. In this lab we study the causal mechanisms and neural basis of this neuropsychological syndrome using functional MRI, TMS and behavioural studies in both neurological healthy subjects and neurological patients.