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Séminaire impromptu - Frédéric DanionEye-hand coordination when tracking a self-moved target

Abstract :

 Eye-hand coordination is critical in everyday life.
Previous studies have shown that the ability to track with the eye a moving target is substantially improved when the target is moved by the subject's hand in comparison to when it is moved by an external agent. To account for this observation, it has been proposed that the oculomotor system has access to an estimate of the current hand position by means of a forward model that receives the arm efference copy. During the first part of my talk I will present a study showing the stunning adaptability of eye-hand coordination when participants are confronted with complex changes in the relation between their hand motion and the resulting target motion. During the second part of my talk, I will present some preliminary data exploring 1) the contribution of haptic feedback in eye-hand coordination, and 2) the contribution of the primary motor cortex (M1) in eye hand-coordination by means of TMS.

Selected publications

Eye tracking a self-moved target with complex hand-target dynamics
Caroline Landelle · Anna Montagnini · Laurent Madelain · Frederic Danion
Article · Jul 2016 · Journal of Neurophysiology