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Séminaire - Yves de KoninckChloride dynamics: a fragile equilibrium at the heart of several brain disorders

Abstract :

Conférence exceptionnellement  déplacée le Jeudi 30 Juin à la place du vendredi 1er Juillet cause FENS.  

Fast synaptic inhibition relies on tight regulation of intracellular chloride. Chloride dysregulation is implicated in several neurological and psychiatric disorders. Beyond mere disinhibition, the consequences of chloride dysregulation are multifaceted and best understood in terms of a dynamical system involving complex interactions between multiple processes operating on many spatiotemporal scales.
This dynamical perspective helps explain many unintuitive manifestations of chloride dysregulation. I will discuss how taking into account the dynamics and regulation of intracellular chloride is important for understanding how synaptic inhibition fails, how to best detect that failure, why chloride regulation is so important for information coding, and the overall consequences one can derive for therapeutics.


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