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Symposium - Mini Symposium: Molecular advances in brain cell communication

Abstract :

Understanding at the molecular level how brain cells communicate is one of the major challenges for this century. Thanks to the presence of world-leader neuroscientists, this symposium will cover different physiopathological aspects of the brain cell communication, from nematode to humans. Join the symposium, free registration!

9h00-9h30 Pierre Paoletti (IBENS, Paris, France)
9h30-10h00 Julie Perroy (IGF, Montpellier, France)
10h00-10h45 Robert Horvitz (MIT, Boston, USA; Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2002)

10h45-11h15 Coffee break

11h15-11h45 Stéphane Oliet (NCM, Bordeaux, France)
11h45-12h15 Belinda Lennox (Oxford University, UK)
12h15-13h00 Martha Constantine-Paton (MIT, Boston, USA)

Organizer: Laurent Groc (IINS Bordeaux;

(laurent.groc @
Event sponsored by Bordeaux Neurocampus

de gauche à droite 2ème rang : Stéphane Oliet , Pierre Paoletti, Belinda Lennox et Robert Horvitz
1er rang de gauche à droite: Martha Constantine-Paton, Laurent Groc et Julie Perroy

Laurent GROC, laurent.groc(at), DR CNRS, Group Leader IINS, CNRS UMR 5297 Universite de Bordeaux, France