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Séminaire impromptu - Andrea Mele Spatial memory and ventral striatal plasticity

Abstract :

Andrea Mele de l'Université de Rome La Sapienza, à Bordeaux dans le cadre d'une mobilité enseignant Erasmus .

Current consolidation theory posits that a series of cellular and molecular processes within the medial temporal lobe are needed during and immediately after spatial learning to store a persistent memory trace. We demonstrated that, for the successful consolidation of spatial information, the occurrence of such molecular processes is also required within the ventral striatum. I will first present pharmacological evidence demonstrating the involvement of ventral- (and dorsal-) striatal glutamate receptors in the consolidation of spatial memory.
Moreover, I will provide support for the necessity of AMPA receptors phosphorylation, CREB induced transcription and extracellular matrix remodeling in the ventral striatum to store spatial information.

Finally I will show preliminary data demonstrating that the ability to correctly locate the platform in the Morris water maze 30 days after training depends upon neuronal activity in the hippocampus but not the ventral striatum. The functional relationship between the ventral striatum and hippocampal formation will also be discussed.

Selected publications

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Ferretti, V., Perri, V., Cristofoli, A., Vetere, G., Fragapane, P., Oliverio, A., … Mele, A. (2015). Phosphorylation of S845 GluA1 AMPA receptors modulates spatial memory and structural plasticity in the ventral striatum. Brain Structure and Function, 220(5), 2653–2661.

Capitano, F., Camon, J., Ferretti, V., Licursi, V., De Vito, F., Rinaldi, A., … Mele, A. (2016). microRNAs Modulate Spatial Memory in the Hippocampus and in the Ventral Striatum in a Region-Specific Manner. Molecular Neurobiology, 53(7), 4618–30.