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4th Biosensor Meeting

Annual Meeting of the Biosensor Group of the GDR 2588 Microscopie et Imagerie du Vivant, Bordeaux

Du 22 mai 2014 au 23 mai 2014

The meeting should start Thursday at 9:00 am and finish Friday early afternoon.

Scope of the meeting:
The Biosensor meeting aims at gathering scientists -from students to experienced researchers- to exchange knowledge and expertise on fluorescent biosensors by covering topics that range from the design to their application to address physiological questions:

- Design and development of biosensors
- Genetically encoded biosensors and fluorescent proteins
- Chemical biology – synthetic fluorescent probes and photoactivation
- Biosensors optimization
- Controls and artefacts
- Experimental models
- Image acquisition and analysis
- Biological applications on living systems (cells, tissues and in vivo)

Invited Speakers
Olivier Pertz, University of Basel - Switzerland
David Lawrence, University of North Carolina - USA
Olivier Griesbeck, Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology - Germany

Registration ==> here

On-line registration: 50 € for Academics and 300 € for Industrials.
Maximum welcome capacity of 100 participants.

Abstracts Submission ==> here

All selected abstracts will be published online on the website, before the conference.

See the official website 


GDR Microscopie et imagerie du vivant
Olivier Gavet (Paris)
Annemarie Lellouch (Marseille)
May Morris (Montpellier)
Sandrine Pouvreau (Bordeaux)
Clotilde Randriamampita (Paris)
Franck Riquet (Lille)
Matthieu Sainlos (Bordeaux)
Pierre Vincent (Paris)

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