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Scientific Advisory Board

LabEx BRAIN, First Meeting

Le 19 mai 2014

Dear PhD students,

The first SAB meeting of the BRAIN Labex will take place on May 19-20th at the Bordeaux Center of Functional Genomics (CGFB).

The committee is composed by:
Arthur Konnerth (Chair),
Carmen Sandi,
Rob Malenka,
Claudio Bassetti,
Yadin Dudai (excused),
Serge Przedborski (excused).

All the Bordeaux Neurocampus team leaders (or their representative) were invited to participate to this important event. Ph.D students are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting and to discuss with the SAB committee (morning session).
The poster session is a good opportunity to present the scientific environment of Bordeaux Neurocampus, supported directly or indirectly (via the facility support) by BRAIN.

Many thanks in advance,
Claire Herzog - Daniel Choquet 
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