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5th European Synapse Meeting

7 au 9 Septembre, 2015 Bristol

Le 7 septembre 2015

Deadline for abstracts: 30 June 2015
Students / postdocs: £150, Others: £300

Registration :

Organizing comittee: Co-chairs: Zafar Bashir (Bristol), Jonathan Hanley (Bristol) and Jack Mellor (Bristol) Monica DiLuca (Milan),Jeremy Henley (Bristol), Michal Kreutz (Magdeburg), Christophe Mulle (Bordeaux) and Matthias Verhage (Amsterdam)

he aim of this meeting is to bring together junior and senior neuroscientists working on synapses and to provide a forum for new directions and ideas in synapse research. This serves to create a European research community with an active role in promoting synaptic research and its funding within the EU. Although organized by members of European consortia, the meeting welcomes participation from all neuroscientists within and outside the EU. The meeting will combine research lectures by leading neuroscientists from Europe and the US with poster sessions intended to encourage lively discussions and the free exchange of information and ideas.