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EBBS meeting 2017 , Bilbao

The European Brain and Behaviour Society was founded in 1968 with the purpose of exchanging information between European scientists interested in the relationship of brain mechanisms and behaviour.

Du 8 septembre 2017 au 11 septembre 2017

EBBS welcomes contributions on mechanisms of all aspects of behavior, both of humans and of animal model organisms.

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 Human cognition and behaviour
1. Learning and long-term memory
2. Attention
3. Language
4. Emotion
5. Working memory
6. Decision making and reasoning
7. Cognitive development and aging
8. Social cognition
9. Animal cognition and behaviour
10. Attention
11. Cognitive learning and memory systems
12. Associative, nonassociative, and skill learning
13. Fear and aversive learning and memory
14. Appetitive and incentive learning and memory
15. Reward and Reinforcement
16. Memory modulation, consolidation, and reconsolidation
17. Learning and memory: physiology and imaging
18. Learning and memory: pharmacology
19. Learning and memory: invertebrates
20. Motivation and emotion
21. Neuroethology
22. Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
23. APP and Abeta
24. Tau and other pathological proteins
25. Cellular dysfunction mechanisms
26. Cognitive function
27. Human genetics and functional genomics
28. Imaging and biomarkers
29. Therapeutic strategie
30. Mental disorders
31. Schizophrenia
32. Affective disorders
33. Anxiety disorders
34. Autism, mental retardation, and related disorders
35. Addiction and drugs of abuse
36. Other