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Flashback on Eurogenesis Meeting 2013 in Bordeaux

"Adult Neurogenesis in Physiology and Disease"

Du 24 juin 2013 au 26 juin 2013

Thank you again for your participation ! 

Here are some "souvenirs" from the meeting. Check also Paul Frankland's website (, you will find more pictures ! Looking forward to seeing you in 2 years !!!

24-26 June 2013
The ability of organisms to modify their behavior and adaptative capacity in response to environmental challenges requires a continuous adaptation and remodeling of the nervous system throughout life. The recent discovery that the adult brain creates new neurons from pools of stem cells has implications both for the putative reconstruction of damages or lost neural pathways, and for the understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology of behavior in general.

During this second edition of this conference on adult-neurogenesis we will bring together recent data and concepts on the underlying mechanisms that control stem cell activity in the adult brain (Moderator Dr Jessberger, Switzerland), the role of astrocytes in neurogenesis (Moderator Dr Toni, Switzerland) and in glioma transition (Moderator Dr Kuhn, Sweden), the mechanisms controlling integration of newborn neurons in physiology and disease (Moderator Dr Lie, Germany), the role of adult and development hippocampal neurones in memory (Moderator Dr Abrous, France), the role of the hippocampus in memory processing (Moderator Dr Schinder, Argentina). The regulation of adult neurogenesis by the genetic background (Moderator Dr Kempermann, Germany) and the environement (Moderator Dr Lucassen, Netherlands) will be highlighted in the context of brain repair.

In conclusion, this symposium will present an advanced state of art of molecular, morphological, electrophysiological and behavioural techniques in the field of adult hippocampal neurogenesis.

The meeting will mix established and renown scientists working on neurogenesis -coming from several European countries (Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, France) as well as Argentina, USA and Canada- and young researchers (selected oral presentation for data blitz) .
We are certain that the excellent scientific content of this meeting and its low price will encourage students and young scientists to attend and we look forward to welcoming them next June.

Read more on the website 

Location : "Athénée Municipal de Bordeaux"

Dr Nora Djoher Abrous, PhD (nora.abrous @
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