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Flashback on the 4th European Synapse Meeting

Le 30 août 2013

The fourth European Synapse Meeting is organized by members of two EC-funded research programmes on synapses (EUROSPIN and SYNSYS) and two ITN research and training networks (SyMBaD and NPlast). This is the fourth edition of a biannual event, after Bordeaux (2008), Göttingen (2009) and Balatonfured, Hungary (2011).

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ESM staff


Co-chairs: Monica DiLuca, Milan; Michela Matteoli, Milan and Christophe Mulle, Bordeaux 




Jean-Philippe Pin  (Montpellier)
"Sensing mGlu receptor activation and modulation" 


Futur collaboration privilégiée ?






Jean-Louis Bessereau (Lyon)
"Extracellular scaffolds: an alternative perspective for post-synaptic organization"




Vladan Lucic (Munich)
"Imaging neuronal synapses at molecular resolution by cryo-electron tomography"


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