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ENCODS: le bilan

Flashback on the The European Neuroscience Conference by Doctoral Students in its 1st edition.

Le 26 avril 2013

The European Neuroscience Conference by Doctoral Students (ENCODS) is a novel conference series that has been launched and organized in its 1st edition by 8 PhD students from Bordeaux.  “The purpose of the ENCODS conference is not only to improve the understanding of current research but more importantly to look into the future by asking what needs to be done in the field next.” says Matthias Haberl, the ENCODS coordinator.

Outstanding senior scientists and doctoral students where coming together to discuss about their most recent research in a variety of neuroscience fields, ranging from molecules, circuits and behaviour to computational models.  One of the key points of the ENCODS is that PhD students learn how to present their results and discuss them within a wider scientific community. This innovative concept was greatly appreciated and implemented this year by the students and the eminent researchers.
The 1st ENCODS conference already attracted 130 students of 31 nationalities working in 18 different countries. The students presented 76 posters and 16 selected student talks of 15min having the opportunity to present their work to a large auditorium. Springer sponsored two book vouchers, each worth 250 Euros to reward the best student contributions to the conference. Paolo Botta, a student from the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI) in Basel won the best poster prize, and Joanna Szczurkowska from the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Genoa won the prize for the best student talk.

The 1st ENCODS conference would not have been possible without the strong financial support by the Bordeaux Neuroscience community (Brain/Labex, SFR, Neurocenter Magendie, Inserm, BIC), the University of Bordeaux, the Region Aquitaine and the City of Bordeaux. International funding was also important with IBRO, Gatsby Foundation and Springer supporting the ENCODS concept.
Evaluations forms were distributed to all the participants and the results were outstanding. The evaluation showed that the concept and quality of the conference were rated by 98% of the participants with excellent or good.

For the next ENCODS we will increase the interaction time (poster, lunches etc.) and are confident that students will come numerous with over 90% of the students indicating that they would recommend the conference to a peer. Due to its great success in the 1st edition the ENCODS will continue in the future, being held bi-annually each time in a different city in Europe organized by a different group of students. We have therefore initiated a partnership with FENS, which may help ENCODS to provide future neuroscientists with an excellent training opportunity.

Coordinator: Matthias Haberl
Organization: Elisabetta Aloisi, Audrey Bonnan , Jean-Christophe Delpech, Charlotte Madore, Silvia Viana da Silva, Maria Szlapczynska, Stefano Zucca

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