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Europ. Behavio. Pharmacology Society

Du 6 septembre 2013 au 9 septembre 2013

 An international society at the crossroads of pharmacology, experimental psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience
It is our privilege and pleasure to invite you at the 15th EBPS biennial meeting taking place in La Rochelle. After two meetings held in european capitals, namely Rome and Amsterdam, we will enjoy welcoming you in this old french harbor on the Atlantic coast. Beyond the exceptional venue, we do hope that you will very much enjoy the exceptional scientific content of the meeting...

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The 13 symposia, four nanosymposia and the workshop of the EBPS La Rochelle meeting will cover the broadest range of the field of behavioural pharmacology. Parallel sessions will take place in the hall Atalante (ground floor) and Ilates/Richelieu conference room (1st floor) throughout the meeting. Breaks will offer you the opportunity to discuss around French croissants, coffea and orange juice between the different sessions.

A great deal of time will be dedicated this year to poster sessions, each poster being on display for the entire duration of the meeting and presentations organized throughout the meeting.

Nanosymposia, dedicated to promote young researchers, will be set up in thematic sets of four short talks based on the selection from the submitted abstracts of those of major interest and timeliness.

The workshop will provide a unique opportunity to discuss current wisdoms about drug addiction and its psychobiological underpinnings.


Contact : David Belin (david.belin @
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