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Séminaire impromptu - Rafal Bogacz"Optimal action selection in the cortico-basal-ganglia circuit "

Abstract :

This talk will present a computational model assuming that during action selection the cortico-basal-ganglia circuit computes probabilities that considered motor plans are correct, according to Bayes' theorem.
The model suggests how the equation of Bayes' theorem is mapped onto the functional anatomy of a circuit involving the cortex, basal ganglia and thalamus.
The talk will also present relationship of model's prediction to experimental data. In particular, it will be discussed how the response properties and connectivity of neurons in globus pallidus match exactly those required for optimal action selection.

Selected publications

Elizabeth J Coulthard, Rafal Bogacz, Shazia Javed, Lucy K Mooney, Gillian Murphy, Sophie Keeley, Alan L Whone (2012) Distinct roles of dopamine and subthalamic nucleus in learning and probabilistic decision making. Brain, 135, 3721-3734. 

Rafal Bogacz, Tobias Larsen (2011) Integration of reinforcement learning and optimal decision making theories of the basal ganglia. Neural Computation, 23: 817–851.

Jiaxiang Zhang, Rafal Bogacz (2010) Optimal decision making on the basis of evidence represented in spike trains. Neural Computation, 22: 1113–1148.

Alejo Nevado Holgado, John Terry, Rafal Bogacz (2010) Conditions for the generation of beta oscillations in the subthalamic nucleus - globus pallidus network. The Journal of Neuroscience, 30: 12340-12352.

Scientific focus :

My research focuses on computational models of decision making in the mammalian brain. I am investigating in the following questions:

  • What computations are performed by the cortico-basal ganglia circuit during decision making?
  • How is the information processing in the basal ganglia affected by Parkinson's disease?
  • What are the mechanisms of reinforcement learning in the human brain?
  • How the brain predicts and evaluates consequences of choosing alternative options?


more information

Jérôme Baufreton (jerome.baufreton @