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Séminaire impromptu - Michael Bardo"Individual Differences in Drug Abuse: Translating Neuroscience into Prevention Practice"

Abstract :

There is strong evidence that individual differences in sensation seeking are predictive of drug abuse vulnerability.   This presentation will focus on the translation of basic neurobehavioral laboratory research into the application of improved drug abuse prevention interventions in field-based research.  It will be shown that high novelty seeking rats have increased dopamine transporter function in frontal cortex regions in brain.  Parallel work in humans in a controlled laboratory setting will be presented to show that frontal cortical inhibitory regions are hypofunctional in high sensation seekers.   In addition, a field-based prevention intervention will be presented to illustrate how this basic neurobehavioral research can be applied to the design of improved anti-drug televised preventive messages that target high sensation seeking adolescents and young adults.


Bardo, M. T., Neisewander, J. L. and Kelly, T. H. (2013).  Individual differences and social influences on the neurobehavioral pharmacology of abused drugs. Pharmacological Reviews, 65, 1-36.  [PMCID: PMC3565917].

Perry, J. L., Joseph, J. E., Jiang, Y., Zimmerman, R. S., Kelly, T. H., Darna, M., Huettl, P., Dwoskin, L. P. and Bardo, M. T.  (2011). Prefrontal cortex and drug abuse vulnerability: translation to prevention and treatment interventions. Brain Research Reviews, 65, 124-149. [PMCID: PMC3005953].





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Michael Bardo
A&S Affiliations: Psychology
Position: Professor and Director - Center for Drug Abuse Research
Department of Psychology and Center for Drug Abuse Research Translation Limestone University of Kentucky Lexington, USA 

Michael Bardo
, a professor in the Department of Psychology and the director of CDART (the Center for Drug Abuse Research Translation), is dedicated to finding out the biological phenomena that underlie behaviors associated with drug abuse and to finding ways to make that research useful to programs that develop and provide prevention services. Bardo discusses his findings and ideas for how to enhance drug abuse education in the future. Podcast...