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Séminaire impromptu - Andrew Trevelyan"The regulation of cortical network activity: lessons from epilepsy"

Abstract :

Cortical activity levels rise and fall all the time, in oscillatory rhythms.  These rhythms appear to correspond to different brain states and processing functions.  On occasions however, activity may escalate into the most extreme of these brain states, to cause an epileptic seizure.  I have studied these epileptic transitions in mouse brain slices using various electrophysiological and imaging techniques, to explore the underlying basis of cortical network instability and how it is regulated.  Recently, I have collaborated with a team from Columbia University, led by Catherine Schevon, who have recorded seizures using dense microelectrode arrays, in human patients prior to epilepsy surgery.  These human recordings have clear and close parallels with certain activity patterns seen in our animal studies.  This has provided a unique insight into how seizures progress, and also, importantly, the potential pitfalls of interpreting EEG recordings.  

Selected publications

Recent / relevant publications:
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