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Séminaire - Yuri IvanenkoLocomotor primitives in newborn babies and their development

Abstract :

Human stepping movements emerge in utero and show several milestones during development to independent walking. We examined the development of the spinal motor output by identifying the basic patterns of lumbosacral motoneuron activity from multimuscle recordings and by mapping the distribution of motoneuron activity in the lumbosacral spinal cord in stepping newborns, toddlers, preschoolers and adults. Muscle activity during human locomotion is accounted for by a combination of few basic patterns, each one timed at a different phase of the gait cycle. In particular, the two basic patterns of stepping neonates are retained through development, augmented by two new patterns first revealed in toddlers. The alternating spinal motor output is consistent with a simpler organization of neuronal networks in neonates. The development of human locomotion from the neonate to the adult starts from a rostrocaudal excitability gradient and involves a gradual functional reorganization of the pattern generation circuitry. 

Selected publications

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Jean René Cazalets