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Johannes Hell"α-Actinin Anchors Cav1.2 in dendritic spines in a Ca2+/CaM-sensitive Manner"

Abstract :

Proper localization of L-type Ca2+ channels is necessary for regulation of excitability in brain and excitation-contraction coupling in heart.
Full L-type channel activity requires an intact actin cytoskeleton. We show that the actin-binding protein α-actinin binds to the C-terminal surface targeting motif of α11.2, the central pore-forming CaV1.2 subunit, regulating its surface expression. 

Disruption of α-actinin function by dominant negative or shRNA constructs reduces CaV1.2 surface localization in HEK293 and neuronal cultures, and dendritic spine localization in neurons. 

Calmodulin displaces α-actinin from their shared binding site on α11.2 upon Ca2+ influx through L-type channels but not through NMDAR, thereby triggering loss of CaV1.2 from spines. Coexpression of a Ca2+-binding deficient calmodulin mutant does not affect basal CaV1.2 surface expression, but inhibits internalization upon Ca2+ influx. 

We conclude that α-actinin stabilizes CaV1.2 at the plasma membrane, and its displacement by Ca2+-calmodulin induces Ca2+-induced endocytosis of CaV1.2, thus providing an important negative feedback mechanism for Ca2+ influx.

Selected publications

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