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Frédéric ALEXANDRE"Selection of action and exploration in the basal ganglia: a model"

Abstract :

Many models of basal ganglia explore one of their fundamental functions, the selection of action, the goal of which is to select, among eligible actions, the next action that will be triggered.
We will evoke such classical models and show that the saliency of eligible actions is the main criterion of selection. By contrast, our model does not use directly the saliency to elaborate competition between candidate actions. We will explain why this is particularly useful for the exploration of new responses.

Scientific focus :

I hold a B.S.(1986) in Computer Science from the Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine and a PhD (1990) in Computer Science from the University Henri Poincaré, Nancy, where I defended my dissertation entitled "A functional modelization of the cortex: the cortical column". In 1997, I presented my Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches entitled "Neuromimetic Intelligence". I also have a Master degree in Psychology, one in Physiology and another in Mechanics.
I am the author of more than 30 articles and chapters of book and of more than 70 papers in international conferences. I also own an international patent on the use of artificial neural networks in steel making.