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Etienne Audinat"Role of microglia in the developing somatosensory "barrel" cortex"

Abstract :

Accumulative evidence indicates that microglial cells influence the normal development of brain synapses.
Yet, the mechanisms by which these immune cells target maturating synapses and influence their functional development at early postnatal stages remain poorly understood. Our recent work focuses on the roles of microglia in the whisker-related barrel field of the mouse somatosensory cortex during the first weeks of the postnatal development. In particular, we have analyzed the role of CX3CR1, a microglial receptor activated by the neuronal chemokine CX3CL1 (or fractalkine) and which controls key functions of microglial cells. I will present evidence indicating that the CX3CRL1/R1 signaling pathway is necessary for the recruitment of microglial cells at sites of thalamo-cortical synapses and for the normal functional maturation of these synapses.

Selected publications

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Elena Avignone