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Allen FRANCES"Psychiatric diagnosis: its uses and misuses" "Les diagnostics en psychiatrie: usages et utilisations abusives"

Abstract :

Allen Frances is Professor emeritus at the Department of Psychiatry at Duke University (Durham, North Carolina). Since the 1970's he participated to the elaboration of the 3rd version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).
Then, he was chair of the DSM-IV Task Force. In his recent articles he has been critical of the proposed revisions to the DSM-5 that is due for publication in May 2013. His talk will give a rapid tour of the history of psychiatry from shaman to psychotherapists. Then, Allen Frances will explore the epistemology of mental disorders. He will show how the brain complexity prevents easy answers to the understanding of psychopathology. Finally, he will discuss the causes of the diagnostic inflation and the problems raised by the DSM-5.

Selected publications

Batstra L, Frances A (2012) Diagnostic inflation: causes and a suggested cure. J Nerv Ment Dis 200:474-479.
Frances A (2012) Prototypal diagnosis: will this relic from the past become the wave of the future? World Psychiatry 11:26.

Frances AJ, Widiger T (2012) Psychiatric diagnosis: lessons from the DSM-IV past and cautions for the DSM-5 future. Annu Rev Clin Psychol 8:109-130.
Frances A (2009) Issues for DSM-V: the limitations of field trials: a lesson from DSM-IV. Am J Psychiatry 166:1322.

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