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Brian Hylan"Modulation of dorsal raphe nucleus neuron responses by association with reward"

Abstract :

Three dimensional rendering of a correlation matrix for electrophysiological signals recorded in the Globus Pallidus of rats. The plot represents the correlation between the actual autocorrelation function for local field potential gamma frequency oscillations, and synthetic autocorrelograms generated by a Gabor function, across different combinations of pure sine wave frequency and damping frequency. Curves connect equal Spearman rho values in the matrix, colored according to degree of correlation.

Data from Dejean, C., Arbuthnott, G., Wickens, J.R., Le Moine, C., Boraud, T. andHyland, B.I. Power fluctuations in beta and gamma frequencies in rat globus pallidus: association with specific phases of slow oscillations and differential modulation by dopamine D1 and D2 receptors. Journal of Neuroscience (in press, 2011).

Selected publications

Sutherland, K.R., Alsop, B., McNaughton, N., Hyland, B.I., Tripp, G., & Wickens, J.R. Sensitivity to delay of reinforcement in two animal models of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Behavioural Brain Research 205: 372-376, (2009).

Wu, Y-N., Chen, J-J.J., Zhang, L-Q., & Hyland, B.I. Regulation of hind-limb tone by adenosine A2A receptor in rats. Neuroscience, 159: 1408-1413, (2009).

Dejean, C., Hyland, B., & Arbuthnott, G. Cortical effects of subthalamic stimulation correlate with behavioral recovery from deopamine antagonist induced akinesia. Cerebral Cortex, 19: 1055-1063, (2009).

Scientific focus :

1. Neurophysiology of midbrain dopamine systems and pathways which modulate dopamine neuron activity.
2. Effects of abnormal dopamine activity such as occurs in Parkinson's disease on activity in the motor control pathways.       

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