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Wen Hong LI "New probes and techniques for imaging excitation-secretion coupling in living cells "

Abstract :

My general research goal is to engineer molecular probes and to develop new photonic techniques to enable biological discovery.
We apply a combination of approaches including molecular design and engineering, imaging, chemical synthesis, molecular and cellular biology. (from Website LI laboratory)

Selected publications

Genhua Zheng, Victor Ambros, Wen-hong Li, Inhibiting miRNA in C. elegans using a potent and selective antisense reagent, Silence, 2010, 1:9
Genhua Zheng, Victor Ambros, Wen-hong Li, Fluorescently labeled antisense reagents for inhibiting miRNA in C. elegans, The Worm Breeder's Gazette 2009, 18:15.
Wen-hong Li, Photo-activatable probes for the analysis of receptor function in living cells, Methods in Molecular Biology (Live Cell Imaging: Methods and Protocols), 591, 2009, 105 - 120.

Zhuoru Wu, Kate Luby-Phelps, Abhijit Bugde, Laura A. Molyneux, Bray Denard, Wen-Hong Li, Qurol M. Suel & David L. Garbers, Capacity for stochastic self-renewal and differentiation in mammalian spermatogonial stem cells, J. Cell Biol., 2009, 187, 513-524.

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