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Tony Lam"Central nervous system regulation of glucose homeostasis"

Abstract :

Dr. Lam holds the John Kitson McIvor Endowed Chair in Diabetes Research & Canada Research Chair in Obesity and is Associate Professor of Physiology and Medicine at the University of Toronto.
Dr. Lam is interested in studying the regulation of glucose and energy homeostasis and their roles in diabetes and obesity. The disruption of this homeostasis is partly caused by an elevation of hepatic glucose production and food intake, respectively. The long-term goal of his laboratory is to unveil novel molecules/pathways in the body that regulate both hepatic glucose production and food intake in vivo, and consequently reveal new therapeutic molecules that could be targeted to restore glucose and energy homeostasis in diabetes and obesity. Dr Lam’s research implicates that nutrient sensing in the gut and the brain regulates glucose and energy homeostasis through a neuronal network. Thus, targeting the gut and the brain serves as innovative approaches to trigger the central nervous system to lower glucose levels and body weight in diabetes and obesity.  

Selected publications

Cheung G et al. Intestinal cholecystokinin controls glucose production through a neuronal network. Cell Metab 10:99-109, 2009
Wang P et al. Upper intestinal lipids trigger a gut-brain-liver axis to regulate glucose production. Nature 452:1012-1016, 2008
Caspi L et al. A balance of lipid-sensing mechanisms in the brain and liver. Cell Metab 6:99-104, 2007

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